We live in significantly advanced times where technology is changing every aspect of our lives, and our bathrooms are no different. One can choose to include more than basic plumbing fixtures. When it comes to Bathroom Renovation in Dunboyne, it is all about making the approach more comfortable, convenient, and efficient. Here are some ways in which you can make your bathroom into a smart space that can enhance your everyday lifestyle. Not only can it make your bathroom functional, but it can also be increasingly personalised.

Incorporating smart toilets

With the development of technology, the traditional toilet has also been upgraded to its cutting-edge version. Smart toilets include numerous fixtures that offer a range of functions. These include heated seats, numerous bidet functions, self-cleaning capacity, and even built-in speakers. These enhance the approach to maintenance, comfort, and ambience. Smart toilets not only happen to be luxurious but also help upgrade the maintenance of hygiene, which makes them a popular choice.

Digital shower systems

In manual temperature adjustments, people often face difficulties. However, with digital shower systems, innovative fixtures let users control the temperature more effectively. The flow of water is also intuitively controlled through touchscreens or various applications that can be handled easily via one’s smartphone. These appliances offer presets that can be modified based on user preferences and add to the customer experience, as this can significantly improve the overall lifestyle of an individual. Various digital showers also allow for speakers, lighting, and aromatherapy options. These elevate the overall experience of taking a bath and make it all the more relaxing and luxurious.

Smart mirror

Smart mirrors are bringing about a change in the way in which we interact with various fixtures in a bathroom. These mirrors can display various information, real-time updates and daily schedules. There happen to be devices that allow for custom user preferences and provide an ambient set-up.

Intelligent lighting

Lighting can significantly change the overall ambience of a bathroom. Smart lighting can create the required ambience or provide the needed mood. These can include smart bulbs and various fixtures that offer customisation options. Smart lighting systems can also be easily controlled via phone applications or voice commands.


Technological advancement can significantly improve the overall lifestyle by bringing about a change in the mood of a bathroom’s overall ambience and offering one the opportunity to customise their own space. If you wish to incorporate these innovative technological advancements in your bathroom during the time of renovation and are on the lookout for efficient service providers, opt for Crehan Carpentry.

With an excellent team of professionals and years of experience, they are skilled enough to bring your vision to reality. Get in touch with them for everything from carpentry to renovations. One can also explore their extensive services to get a better idea of what they are offering. No more searching for Bathroom Renovation Services Near me. Rely on the best-in-class services from Crehan Carpentry.

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